Newport on the Levee is a Place to Be…TWO-sday Random Post

I found this beauty in the middle of Newport’s town square. It is such a beautiful piece of art. Major love here…so much texture, color and beauty.

Newport on the Levee is great! It feels like a little village, set right on the beautiful Ohio River. Filled with shops that will always keep you entertained. So Much TO DO here! The Aquarium is great! Ride The Ducks…My favorite! Both of these events…more to come in the next week or so. Newport is lovely, and a great relaxing atmosphere. Can’t wait to go again! Great shops and varied dining experiences. The back of many establishments over look the river and the Cincinnati Skyline. A very unique area that is definitely worth checking out!

Here is our TWO-sday Photo!! Two hamster balls!! SO CUTE huh? Lots of fun things to do here. From music to ice cream to even two hamster balls! Next time I want to walk the pedestrian bridge (Purple People Bridge) and watch the boats and barges…

Nice place to go if you are looking to just hang out for an afternoon. Events occurring on the weekends both on the levee walk and in the mall area. Small mall but a few stores of interest, Loved the Barnes and Noble, Movie Theatre, Gameworks, and Glow Bowling.

Good Irish pub and view of the Ohio River was awesome. Good place for little tourists just like us to hang out. I loved the open air feel…magnificent!! On a side note…little man had other things on his mind besides his Grammie needing a picture. The table next to us…let’s just say…they were having a good time☺

I hoped you enjoyed our visit to Newport? You must give it a try if you are ever in the Greater Cincinnati area!

If this is your first or second visit…Let’s Be Friends. I hope you continue to join us for our TWO-sday random posts.

Scattered Horizons I was featured at Scattered Horizons for the top photo of the beautiful art scuplture in Newport! Yipee! Thanks Scattered Horizons!
Have a Great day!

16 thoughts on “Newport on the Levee is a Place to Be…TWO-sday Random Post

  1. What an exciting place, Laurie. Sounds as though you had a marvelous time! You got some prize pieces of public art: the serpents, bronze firefighter and children, and the swordfish. thanks so much for joining in Walk and Click Wednesdays!!

  2. This reminds me a little bit of the Riverwalk in San Antonio! Looks like a good time was had by all! Would LOVE to visit this town some day.

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