One year ago, we were watching TV and started the channel surfing with the remote, we came across this show and saw Craig T. Nelson in it and it made us stop the remote. We had loved him on the show “Coach” so we decided to watch for a few minutes. After the show was over, I looked over to my husband and said, “Wow, this is a GREAT show!” “I wonder how long it has been on?” I did some research and realized it was in its third season! Who knew?!

We went out the next weekend, and bought all THREE seasons of Parenthood.  And then several months later…we got up off the couch♥. Just in time for season 4 to start. YIPPEE!!

We haven’t loved a show this much since Men In Trees. We would be equally happy if the Braverman TV family would agree to adopt us and let us spend holidays with them and just hang out on the weekends.

If you’ve seen the movie Parenthood, then you know the basic premise.  The show focuses on the the Braverman family.  Craig T. Nelson and Bonnie Bedelia are the parents to four grown children played by Peter Krause, Lauren Graham, Erika Christensen and Dax Shepard.

It follows their struggles and triumphs as each generation tries to figure out how to navigate the tricky waters of being a parent and life in general.  It is full of laughter and heartache and moments that will make you feel like maybe the writers have been spying on your house.  The music in each episode will have you running to iTunes, the casting is superb and the writing is phenomenal.

In a word, it is brilliant.

And you’ll probably cry at least once every episode.

Now I’m just sitting here tapping my fingers until the new season starts tomorrow night!! We are looking forward to what Ray Romano brings to the show this season!

We are always shocked, when we hear parents tell us that they don’t watch this show and they have grown adult children…THEY JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE MISSING☺

So with all that excitement….Do I have any Braverman fans in the house?

If so…let’s be friends! I would love to have the Braverman groupies mingling here☺

Remember I asked you on Friday to have FUN….so what did YOU do?


3 thoughts on “Parenthood…TV

  1. Parenthood really is a great show, I’m hooked too. My coworker at Dish told me about the show a few years ago and it really is a great show. I love Jason Ritter’s reoccurring character. I heard he might be made a regular cast member this season. I will be watching this season with my Hopper DVR. If I miss an episode, my Hopper has me covered because it automatically records all the prime time shows from the four major networks for me. I don’t have to set an individual reminder for Parenthood. I hope this season is as good as the last three have been.

  2. Laurie:     I have meant to reply to your amazing blogs and photos for weeks.  So this is it.  You have no idea how uplifting and inspirational the blogs have been.  You are amazing, don’t know how you keep up with it all.  Guess that is youth.  Your grandson is the most adorable little guy.  What fun you must have with him.     We had a fabulous weekend of celebrations.  One of our dear friends from Jack’s childhood who we have kept up with, had her 90th birthday party on Sat.  It was full of great memories, her siblings, children, grand children and great grand children.  Annie and Dave were also there so we got caught up with them also.  Dave and my husband Jack were adopted sons of this family since they had 3 girls.    From there we traveled North to Mary and our son Jack’s house to celebrate our anniversary and Jack’s birthday.  They gave us a night in a hotel near their house for our anniversary and Sunday out to a gourmet breakfast.  Laura, our daughter, came down and she and men watched football while Mary and I went to a marvelous craft show in Chester. Then our son barbequed and delicous dinner.  Then, it was back to reality, home to Waretown.    We are going to put Parenthood on our list to watch.  Sounds like a perfect show that we could identify with.  We watch so much of Law and Order and those types, it will be good to  have a change.    We keep up with Kathy and she is so good about giving us the news from Kelly Greens.  We look forward to seeing you all in October some time.     Be well and keep those marvelous blogs coming.  Love it.    Love Bev Richards          

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