He’s Back!!…TWO-sday Random Day #3

Well we made a trip up to Ohio to see the “Little Man” this past holiday weekend.
It was the BEST anniversary gift a Grammie and Grandpie could ever hope for.
Today, we are honoring our TWO-sday series…with gratitude in Twos…

We are grateful for these Two beautiful eyes…

For these Two cute feet…

For Two adorable hands that can play…

But most of all…his love that he showed to these Two grandparents…

A New Baby is like the beginning of all things ~ wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.
~ Eda J. Le Shan

I leave you with this thought…is there TWO things you can be grateful for today?

I would LOVE to hear what they are!

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21 thoughts on “He’s Back!!…TWO-sday Random Day #3

  1. Nolan is getting so big and continues to charm his personal photographer and her faithful followers! Great photos! And those eyes…..those great, big, beautiful, blue eyes (haven’t I said that before?)….!

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