Third Times A Charm…

Mother hen and her senior rooster.

First chick-a-dee and her junior rooster.

Second chick-a-dee and the final baby rooster added to the gathering.

You are probably thinking 3 Times a charm? When this last couple was married, my youngest chick-a-dee, this finished our nest.ย  It made everything complete!! One, two and three times a charm right? The mother hen in me was able to rest a little bit. She didn’t need to flash her feathers as much…because she knew the cute roosters was watching over the babies! A lot of clucking went on over the years…but now the mother hen can rest a little quieter…things are happy in the nest.

So how are things in your nest? Any major clucking going on?

This mother hen loves to hear your comments…
Have a great day.

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3 thoughts on “Third Times A Charm…

  1. What a stunning picture of you Laurie!! Beautiful family!!! Keep these blogs coming!!! Love to see what is going on in your life! Thanks for sharing!

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