American Idol Tour Concert Sunrise, Florida…

Friday Night at the Bank America Center in Sunrise, Florida.
It was a little surreal seeing them live…after so many weeks of watching them on T.V.!

This one goes out to my friend Kathy, who took this adventure with me!
THANK YOU! She loves Miss Cavanaugh!
Hollie performing…Give Your Heart A Break. The backdrop was so eye catching
with all the heart/love graphics behind her during the performance.
This girl can wear the high heels…7-8 inches if I am NOT lying☻Amazing…Jessica Sanchez just belting out her beautiful voice…she is simple divine!DeAndre Brackensick besides that his hair is more amazing than mine smile…the guy has moves! He was one of the dancing catalyst on the stage!Colton Dixon…the guy can play the keys! One of the most shining moments playing Billie Joel’s “Piano Man”.Phillip Phillips…for me he represented a true idol…no pretenses
…just being REAL and genuine!
Phillip just keeping it simple…and oozing his humble charm!Phillip Phillips with back ups Colton Dixon and DeAndre Brackensick performing…”Home” an Olympic Glory song.
It has soared to number 1 on the charts!
The finale song of the night…Raise Your Glass/Glad You Came.
It was wonderful to finally…to see them ALL together for the evening!

How can you beat a polished and phenomenal night of artists singing
their hearts out to you?

So who was your American Idol choice this year?
Did you enjoy the concert pictures?
Leave your comments below…love hearing from you.

Hope to see you tomorrow…where I will share where we went
BEFORE the concert…too cute♥

Have a great day today!

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6 thoughts on “American Idol Tour Concert Sunrise, Florida…

  1. Hi Laurie…yes, i am a fan also! I have taken my daughter and her best friend every year since Idol 2!! They were here in Chicago over a month ago. It was a great concert, but too loud for me…guess i am getting too old :~) You got great photos of the night!! I just had my iphone with me and i was just sitting too far away to get any good shots.

  2. And I must add these kids ALL seemed so much more relaxed and like natural performers on the tour than they did while in competition! We DID have a fabulous time, didn’t we?

  3. I am sad to say that most of my nights are filled with church, work and more work so I did not get to watch any of the Idol show this past year. The concert looks like it was a lot of fun, though! 🙂

  4. I would have really enjoyed being there, too. I loved Hollie and when she was sent home the show took the wind out of my sails. The standouts in the group, that you highlighted here, all had their own style and easy to watch while they entertained. I want to see photos of you with your concert “bling” on!

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