Concert Fashion Eye-Candy …

Did you know this morning I leave to go to the American Idol Concert? I am so pumped!! My girlfriend Kathy and I are driving across the state to the Sunrise Auditorium for tonight’s concert! I have had this on my bucket list for years, and decided to finally make it happen.

Of course, a girl has to have a new outfit for the event right? I found these beautiful earrings from Napier and a Dana Buckman bracelet that I just loved together. I even splurged on a pair of sunglasses for the long drive…don’t you hate when your driving and looking out through your shades with scratches all over them? It is not easy, to find glasses that are comfortable and fit your face just right. I chose this pair from Daisy Fuentes, they are light weight and don’t swallow your face.

The material that you see underneath the jewelry and sunglasses is the new tank top I found to go with the aqua eye-candy. la!

Well it is fun to be just a girly girl for a day.

What color would you put together for a fun sparkling event?

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Stay tuned…hopefully I will be able to get some great pictures of the concert to share with you on Monday.

Have a great weekend.

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6 thoughts on “Concert Fashion Eye-Candy …

  1. Have fun! I want to the American Idol Concetta few summers ago. I’ve never hear so much screaming in my life! A lot of excitement in that crowd.

  2. You will be beautiful in all that concert eye candy! Aqua blue is a perfect color for you. I’ll look forward to hearing how you enjoyed the concert…and see your put together outfit.

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