Tropical Beach Wedding Party…

My youngest daughter Ashley and son-in-law Luke, had their wedding rehearsal dinner party at St. Augustine’s beach!  The tropical beach decorations was FABULOUS!!! I know so many of you would enjoy seeing the images…so here we go! As you walk into the beach cottage…immediately you see the tropics staring at you, from the flower petals, the lei’s around the vases, the citrus color dinnerware but most of all the cutest cake in the world!!! What was even better…it tasted as good as it looked!

When you went outside this was your view…is this adorable or what? I mean look at the boardwalk with tulle draped over it…and these cute beach buckets designed with every love/wedding them titles you can imagine. Everywhere you turned, there was so much colorful eye candy! For a photographer…it was heaven.

You know what is really perfect? This wonderful couple standing in the middle of this picture collage, deserving every moment of this!! They work so incredibly hard for everything they have, and sweetness just drips from them. There isn’t a soul that doesn’t love these two.

Isn’t it fun to relive a great memory that holds something so dear to you?

Did you enjoy seeing Ash & Luke’s beach theme wedding party? I sure did enjoy bringing it to you.

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Make this day count…it won’t happen again.

14 thoughts on “Tropical Beach Wedding Party…

  1. Hi Laurie,

    Thanks for visiting me. Yes, BTS was a fabulous class. I would totally take any more they offer. As it is, I have so much content to go through, it will keep me busy for some time.

    I love the baby bunny photos – what a nice surprise to find him there. Great beach theme party… love all the bright colors and beach scenes.

    So glad to meet you!

  2. This is so beautiful. I hope all had a wonderful time. My daughter’s having an outdoor, DIY wedding in the country in August and I can’t wait for the photo ops (and the wedding too, of course)

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