Some “Bunny” came to visit…

Last night, I was working in the office and my husband came running in. He says, “Honey, You are not going to believe just what came out of our rain gutter?” I was almost scared to ask…”What came out of the gutter?” He says,”The cutest little baby bunny!” I just couldn’t believe it…in Florida, you hardly ever get bunnies. I said, “You hold Dalton (dog), I am getting my camera!” I bellied crawled (not a pretty sight) across the lanai floor…and there she was, sitting in the corner by the gutter…shaking like a leaf. Of course, I didn’t have the right lens on…ugh. But still very excited to capture this little beauty. Isn’t she so cute, just sitting in the corner of our lanai? Now the question is…how do we keep a Yorkie, from scaring her away:)

Any ideas…?

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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16 thoughts on “Some “Bunny” came to visit…

  1. How sweet! Baby bunnies are just the cutest little things. Funny it came out of the rain gutter.

    Thanks for linking up for WW!

  2. That is such a cute little bunny! I bet your yorkie would love more than anything to chase it. You have to post updates. And, out of the rain gutter…so funny.

  3. We have had a baby outside our lanaii for quite awhile. It seems like we have had full size. Dave and I are always worried the birds would get the baby. They are sooo cute!!

  4. Great job on capturing a shot of that bunny. We have a whole family of them that live next door and have for years….(wild ones) and I try and take photos of them that do them justice in all their cuteness…but to no avail.

  5. Incredible how you captured this bunny ….. correct lens or not – you did an awesome job! BTW, who won – Dalton or the bunny??

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