Summer Jazz on the Gulf…

We went to the Summer Jazz on the Gulf Series at the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club. This is our fifth time in visiting this event through the years. We always have a great time with our friends. You can bring your chairs and personal items to make your stay a pleasant one. One of the best parts of the whole event is that it is FREE! Can you believe this? You are literally on a tropical resort and we didn’t have to drive very far to get here, about 30 minutes.
After we set up our little camp, I decided to roam around a little on the resort and beach. Major love for the Tiki Hut/Umbrellas they have here. Of course, everyone wants to park themselves underneath them! I would love to have one right in my own backyard.
I even had to photograph up inside the hut to show you. Just look at the texture… lovely.
Here they are the “Late Night Brass.” They are Tampa Bay’s Premier Horn Band. They are known for playing alot of Chicago hits…which sets a great chord with us!
During intermission, we stretched our legs and look what we stumbled upon. A wedding taken place on the other side of the resort. I have a soft spot for outdoor weddings. My husband and I and both of my daughters had outside venues and the memories are just breathtaking forever in my mind.This image is in the photo contest “Tones on Tuesdays.” One of the delights of going to this event, is the summer sunsets on the gulf. Be still my heart! Right in the middle of the concert, you saw a mass exodus leave and run out to the waters, to view this spectacular scene.

When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in worship of the Creator

Do you enjoy a great sunset like I do?

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Just a side note…I won a featured award for my “Peachy Keen” from A Pinch of Joy Blog yesterday! What fun! Thank you so much for bring me JOY! You can see the widget on the sidebar of this blog.

Have a great Monday everyone!
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16 thoughts on “Summer Jazz on the Gulf…

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  2. Calling by as another participant from Favourite Photo Monday, I think I would choose one of the sunsets as my favourite for the meme.

  3. What a fun time. I used to sing vocal jazz in high school so this looks like something I would really enjoy.

  4. How wonderfully fun!! Love the sunset! We like to sit on our porch and watch the sunset each night! So calm and peaceful… So grateful I stopped by to see them all.

  5. I LOVE sunset pictures and this one is spectacular! And major congrats on your “peachy keen” award….you deserve it!

  6. Gorgeous, Laurie! This looks like the most absolute perfect way to spend a day, & “free” awesome! I see why you have been going year after year. YOU captured this beautifully!

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