Peachy Keen…Hope You Enjoy!

We had our usual afternoon showers here in sub tropics…so what is a girl to do? She bakes! I decided since peaches are coming into season, and by the way one of my favorite fruits! Baking a peach shortcake, just seemed the thing to do, to widdle the blues away. The wonderful part…by the time I had baked this beauty…the sun was back out to take some gorgeous pictures of our little treat.

I wish you were here… to share a slice of shortcake with some Earl Grey Tea with me…

It is so funny, I was talking to friend the other day, she says, “I hate cooking and baking, but I love watching the cooking shows!”

So with that said, I hope this applies to you to. Can you appreciate someone’s love of baking, even if it’s not your for-tay?

Thank you for giving me a few minutes to share my creativity with you.
I hope it brings a smile to your face today!

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34 thoughts on “Peachy Keen…Hope You Enjoy!

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  5. I can almost smell the peaches and taste the cake! You are featured this week on Busy Monday at A Pinch of Joy! Stop by and grab a Featured Button from the Button Box on the sidebar this afternoon. Pinned.

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  7. Oh, I love baking and I appreciate it very much when someone bakes or cooks for me. Thank you so much for your lovely invitation to join you in enjoying this beautiful cake! And thank you for linking up to Food Photo Linky this week! Have a great day!

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  9. I wish I was there too to share a slice. The peaches or gorgeous! I’ve had a hard time finding good ones this year. Visiting from Tuesdays at the Table.

  10. Ok to quote Jerry Maguire “you had me at hello” with this blog!!!!! LOL!!! It is absolutely gorgeous!!!! The colors, the food and you actually gave us the recipe!!! If I could only jump through my computer screen and have a piece. Beautiful presentation Laurie!!

  11. Now I’m hungry! I hadn’t thought of peach shortcake – strawberries was all I heard of and I don’t really like them. I will be trying out the recipe…yum (in advance)!

  12. Those peaches are just drop-dead gorgeous!! I love to bake but cooking, well, not so much! If my family could live on cookies and cakes we would all be very happy. Sadly I don’t think our waistlines would agree! ; )

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