For the Love of Texture…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

I have applied Kim Klassen’s textures KK_I am and KK_Let Go from her texture collection. We are learning so many conceptions on the use of textures on our images in the Beyond Layers Class. You can find the class widget or icon on the right side bar of this blog.

So why do artists use textures on photos?

  • To add visual interest to a design
  • Introduce depth & realism
  • Support a theme (grunge, rustic etc)
  • Refine a design and lead the eye around the page
  • To decorate and embellish

Which quote resonates the most with you right now in your life?
I would love to hear your sweet comments!


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16 thoughts on “For the Love of Texture…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

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  2. These photos have such a vintage feel to them. Very nice. My favorite quote is the Eleanor Roosevelt quote. She has quite a few good ones. xx

  3. Hi Laurie, you photos are so beautiful…were they taken on Sanibel. The first one looks like you were on the island looking towards the causeway…am i right?
    I never tire of crossing that bridge and soaking up all that beauty!

  4. I can almost smell the salt air and feel the sand between my toes! My favorite photo and quote is the one with the overhanging tree, sand and sea. Beautiful!

  5. The first photo is so beautiful to me and the quote does resonate with me. I have just recently begun to work with textures on my photos and I have really been enjoying it. Quite addicting.

  6. Hi Laurie, Your photos are awesome! I would say the first quote resonates most with me, it’s so true. I’d like to have it tattooed to my hand so I could read it everyday!

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