Useppa Island Part 2…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

I will be continuing from yesterday’s post on our journey to Useppa Island. We made one stop at Cabbage Key to leave a group of tourists off. We then continued our beautiful ride on a very calm day to Useppa. Our guide was very informative and brought on laughs and best of all the drinks were good and not watered down. Useppa is a storybook setting with picturesque white cottages, pink pathways and lush vegetation. In the 1920’s, Useppa was the sport fishing Mecca for the rich and famous. Publishing magnate Barron Collier built a large home on the island to accommodate his wealthy and influential friends for their tarpon fishing trips to the area. Names such as Rockefeller, Dupont, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford were all visitors to the island.

Today, the Collier Inn serves as the main clubhouse for this private island. The only way to visit Useppa is to be a member, guest of a member or take a Captiva Cruise. There is a History Museum on the island. This superbly done museum goes back in history to early man up to the present day on Useppa.

We found the island amazing. We were on the second lunch so were instructed to follow the guide around the island. I really wanted to discover the island on my own , so I wouldn’t be rushed with my photography, but that was not allowed. We were told to follow the pink brick path thorough our tour…remind you of something else? smile… At the end of the guided tour, she took us to a museum for a charge of $5.00. We declined, we were more interested being outside in the beautiful nature. We had a very nice lunch at the Collier Inn. The service and lunch was good, really enjoyed the atmosphere inside the Inn. Beautiful scenery. Saw several gofer turtles and a box turtle. It was a lovely place to visit. I also watched a giant chess tournament with a family. Just LOVED the chess game, very cute! Wouldn’t this be fun at a backyard BBQ?

I hope you enjoyed our little journey to Useppa Island? Isn’t it quaint? I hope you get the chance to visit this little island. If you have had the opportunity to go there, I would love to hear about it?

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Have a great hump day.

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2 thoughts on “Useppa Island Part 2…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

  1. Laurie,
    We went with a group in Feb. Dave and I loved it. When my sisters came I took them there. They loved it also. The museum was wonderful, so fascinating. The history of the island was so interesting. The boat ride was so relaxing. We loved the whole experience, the beauty, food etc.

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