Baby Dedication Ceremony…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

In the image above, you will see snippets of all the cute decor for Nolan’s Dedication Ceremony. The top left corner, the big picture is the 16 x 20 canvas print we had ordered for Nolan s gift, unfortunately we had to leave the plastic covering over it since it was outside. The funny thing was, my daughter used the same picture to have his cake designed with. Neither one of us knew the other one was doing this.♥

As you can see the color decor for the party was aqua, EVEN Mr. Nolan s shirt matched the event. Quite the coordinated ceremony. He looked very dapper for his big day. Mommy and Daddy bought him his first Bible and had his name engraved on it. All of the guests, picked out a verse in the Bible and underlined it with our initials beside it. So one day, he will be able to look back and see what was
close to our hearts for his life.

A very excited Pastor holding a very relaxed Nolan…ready to be dedicated to the Lord!

The pastor is telling the crowd here…how he asked Stephanie to gather a few scripture verses that were important to them as a family for the ceremony. He explained, that in return, he received a very detailed and comprehensive book in his email box. The crowd laughs…especially very funny knowing our type “A” daughter, who doesn’t miss a beat.


He told us we couldn’t start the service without thinking of  “Olivia”… Nolan’s sister in heaven. Oh how we miss her…

After he shared many scriptures of all the Lord’s promises to us in raising children, he lead us to praying over Nolan and lifting him up to the Lord! The Pastor reminded us that there are never no guarantees in life with raising a child. BUT the Lord will always be with us and there to guide us in their life.

Look at Nolan’s face…just precious! (What is going on here?)

Happiness and jubilation after the ceremony.

What a precious family!

My heart is just filled with peace and joy!!

How is your heart doing?
Remember…You are wildly loved by Jesus!

This would be a great time to share this blog with some of your
friends who would adore this moment.



6 thoughts on “Baby Dedication Ceremony…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

  1. Ahhhh! What a precious memory captured, & you did it SO beautifully! Nolan is on the top of our baby boys names… if we ever have another)!

    Thanks so much for sharing w/ us, such a joy!

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