Why Do I Blog? Part 1…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

I have been asked this SO many times from friends and family! A lot of them, think I am a little silly for putting myself “OUT THERE IN PUBLIC!” For years, I wanted to keep everything private, because my family was very private, so I really didn’t know anything different. That is just how things were done in life and how I was raised. As you get older, your perspective is very different as you age. I turned 50 years old, a year ago. It was like a lightbulb has finally turned on! My feelings of insecurity have finally starting to diminish and I don’t care what others think of me as much as before. A real maturity has started to settle in…Thank the LORD! I am far from perfect…don’t get me wrong, but wisdom does come with age. We need something to come along positive with the sagging skin and bulging rolls right?

So with that said, I am taking a class called “Behind the Scenes” with Kim Klaussen and Xanthe Berkeley. It is a creative guide class to blogging YOUR passion. It is giving us the opportunity to share with like minded people and build connections that encourage our creativity to grow. Today’s assignment was to create a time line of our history and how it has brought us to where we are today. Life is full of stages…one thing leading to another, as Kim says. I believe this wholeheartedly! Xanthe shared with us that, you have to examine your history, to take a look at your where your journey is going to today. Both of them powerful statements, that really started the wheels to gravitate.

It was very interesting looking back, and seeing what direction all those steps took, to bring you to where you are today. Many years ago, I was in accounting on the receivables end. I was responsible to bring in over one million dollars a month for the company I worked for. It was HIGH pressure, and NOT alot of fun or a creative outlet as they would say. Yes, the money was nice…but it came at a high price. I was miserable…terribly. Not satisfied at all with what I was doing. At the time, I didn’t understand all the whys. As I look back, I can see I wasn’t using my God given talent, for what I was designed for. God, still has alot of work to do within me…but here is where he has taken me so far on this creative journey.


After the construction industry collapsed, I was unemployed for about 6 months or so. During this time, there was alot of guilt for not being productive in the financial end in our marriage, on my part only. My husband was great during this difficult time. I knew things had to change with the direction of my career. The what, where or how…I had no idea! During this time, I received in the mail, an advertisement for continuing education classes at Business Industry Services School. This was the TURNING point for me, as I look back how it all started. I enrolled in several classes, but the two that got my heart pumping was Power Point and Publisher! My husband says, I was talking as fast as “A clatterbone in a Gooses Colon!”…okay, he MIGHT of used another wording:) Meaning…I was excited for the first time in a LONG time after I came home from my first class!

I will let you follow my chart to see how it rolls from there. In the future, as time allows, I hope to expand on this journey if you will allow me.

To wrap up this post, I just want to leave you with this…don’t ever stop taking the NEXT baby step! Did you hear what I said…BABY, not earth shattering…B.A.B.Y.! This will lead to the next step and the next…

Till next time…be blessed. Oh…Are you sharing YOUR blessings?

24 thoughts on “Why Do I Blog? Part 1…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

  1. I am meeting so many great people in the BTS class, a flow on that I didn’t expect..I doubt if there is a single other person in this town who blogs. If there is I certainly haven’t met them. I get the big “why would you?” when ask around so it is terriffic to meet other people who don’t think its weird.Nice to meet you!

  2. are you sure that everything changes at 50? that is me next year and I so hope that is the case as at the moment I so worry what people think! I haven’t done the timeline on my blog yet, I keep everything so private and can’t bring myself to share! anyway your post is fantastic and I really enjoyed reading it!

    • Well you can never promise anything anymore right?! But FOR ME, it changed almost immediately!! I HATE getting older, so my mind just went into a new mode, probably to protect itself? One of the outcomes of this, was having more assurance of yourself. Keep taking the steps…force yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Come back soon.

  3. Laurie, your story is like so many of ours and yet totally unique to you. Your timeline is quite creative. I do bet your wonderful talent was lost in accounting. Glad you are doing something you enjoy now.

    • I am so happy you stopped by today! This should be an very interesting journey for all of us.We will be able to add this to our timeline soon:) Hopefully, this will take us to even a better direction…

  4. I think so often we get caught up in the end result, that we forget to enjoy the journey that God is taking us on. We can never grow if we don’t have hardships to make us stronger, and to make us lean on Him. Wonderful story and timeline, thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  5. I enjoyed your post! I am very close in age and am going through the same kind of transitions! Thanks for visiting my blog and I look forward to “seeing” you in the BTS class.

  6. Hi Laurie,
    Gosh, it’s amazing. We probably have different backgrounds but I relate to your post so much. I understand completely how miserable it is to be in a job that you don’t like. Gee, I’m still trying to repair all the damage it did to my self esteem.
    I’m not quite there yet in terms of the next step in my career, but I feel hopeful after reading your story.
    Thank you 🙂

  7. Laurie, its wonderful to connect with you through BTS…and yes, baby steps sometimes can be just as hard…our posts today, just an example of that. It’s an achievement of ‘letting go’..your post is inspirational! Now following! Have a wonderful day! Yx

  8. Loved it! As we mature, we learn life isn’t about the money…it’s about the excitement. And that is priceless!

    Look forward to sharing the BTS class with you.

  9. Good for you, Laurie. It is not always about the money, but are you happy with what you are doing. You sure are working hard with your blogging and doing very well. You are an inspiration to others as they read your blogs. Keep it up.
    Love, Annie

  10. Your post is wonderful…I loved reading your timeline story. I absolutely believe in baby steps also – it’s how I move forward in my life and the only method that works well for me! Thanks for sharing and I’m glad to be in the BTS class with you. 🙂

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