Fancy Framework…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

I love using whimsical frames for baby photos. They are just a perfect match together don’t you agree? I wanted you to see this last picture. Look at him watching out the window…he can be such a serious soul at only 6 months old. He definately doesn’t let anything escape him! Kinda of like his father:)

I learned something today…you don’t save your images as a gif format for the web/blog, always jpeg only! Reason being why the photos are grainy:( sigh……… Unfortunately, there was no time to go back and redo all my work. So I apologize for this error.

You know why blogging is awesome? Because it connects you with awesome people. Case and point my readers…you guys are a bunch of awesomeness! I truly love sharing both my snapshots of my life and things that inspire me with you!

PS…I told you that I was going to the Music Fest on Friday night. Well that didn’t happen, let me explain why. We were going with friends of ours who I will call J & J, well one of them is a Nervous Nellie or should I say a Nervous Ned!! He called just a few minutes before it was time to leave and stating there is a BIG STORM brewing and it is headed our way, with great excitement in his voice! I said, “Okay, “J” we don’t have to go, we will just go out to eat somewhere close.” He sounded very relieved and we hung up. Later on we are at the restaurant eating, (1 mile away) and we kept looking out the window for the storm. Lets just say it NEVER CAME! All we received were a couple of sprinkles on the hood of the car. SIGH……..So with all that said, there will be no music fest pictures this week. SORRY!!

Please leave your comments for Nervous Ned or for myself above!
It was nice to see you again!
Happy Monday!
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18 thoughts on “Fancy Framework…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

  1. Adorable frames…..adorable subject! And, BTW, I have a “family member” who is obssessed with weather………(heavy sigh!!) Life’s too short to cancel events because of what “may” happen. “Don’t worry and be happy!”

  2. Laurie,
    The pictures of Nolan are great!
    It never seems that the bad weather comes to Ft. Myers!!!
    Have fun.
    Love, Annie

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