Summer’s Here…Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Our beach umbrella is very colorful and I thought would make a great title for this post. I am
lovin’ this summer season…now just to find a way to be able to be on the beach everyday.

We came across this sign as we were driving to the beach.
Too cute!! Some of my favorite cities are listed here. Do you see your favorite?

The Fort Myers Beach Pier…alot of fishing goes on here during the cooler weather.

The north end of Fort Myers Beach with lots of condominiums and soft powder sugar white beaches.

Look at this adorable bumble bee baby floaty. Thinking of my little man…my darling husband
told me to quit looking at it.

These chairs are very popular in Florida…The blue chair caught my eye…do you see the glass
of wine on top? Can you picture yourself sipping a glass of wine, sitting in this chair and watching
the sunset?

On our way home, we pass this COLORFUL tourist store that has the biggest tropical gifts you
could ever want! The crazy hair on these Tropical Totem Poles always brings a smile to my face.

Remember…it only last a few SHORT months.”
Enjoy it while you can!!
Panicking…I don’t want it to go by so quickly!
I am hoping to be doing A LOT of beachin’.
What brings a smile to your face in the summer?

What are your thoughts on this season?

8 thoughts on “Summer’s Here…Fort Myers Beach, Florida

  1. I love being at the Jersey Shore with our children and grandchildren. Our season will start the weekend of the 23 of June. Dave and I are getting the cottage already for the gang. I loved your pictures of the beach. Have a great summer.
    Love, Annie

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