An Aunt’s Love…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

      An Aunt…

Only an aunt can give hugs like a mother,
can keep secrets like a sister,
and share love like a friend.
~ author unknown

These precious photos are part of the collection of Nolan’s Dedication Ceremony. This is his Aunt Ashley, who is a very important part of his life, who is my youngest daughter…WHO IS LOVED TO THE INTH DEGREE! These photo frames were inspired by Kim Klaussen’s Beyond Layers Class.

I had so much fun, designing these photo frames after seeing the love through my photo lens with the two of them. Are you feeling it?

I would love to hear who you are feeling the love for at this moment in your life?
Leave your comments below.

32 thoughts on “An Aunt’s Love…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

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  2. Thanks for the visit – WOW – these photos are so perfect for scrap-booking! I’m not a scrap booker, so I don’t “think” in those terms…but I think you might be opening my eyes!


      • I’m feeling the love for YOU and your amazing talent!!! You continue to inspire me with your writing, thoughts, photos and artful digi-scrapping on these photos. You and your daughters are so photogenic and beautiful! Keep drawing us in to your life’s passions. I’m enjoying this so much.
        Love you, Bev

        • WOW…Bev…YOUR words touched me greatly this morning! It was just what I needed on a Monday morning:) Your writing is inspiring to ME!! You should think about a blog just based on your writing skills. Thank you for being a faithful visitor.
          Love you too!

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