1…2…3…Loom Easy! Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

I posted back awhile ago on loom knitting. It was such a pleasure making a hat for my grandson. The only problem I incurred, the hat I made was a little too small already for him using the smallest loom, he is 6 months old. I decided to take the next step! I bought ALL the sets of the looms, the circular’s, the long looms and the flower spool knitter. These quick knitting looms are designed to be easy on the knitter in terms of time, budget and (often) the mental energy involved in making them. They’re great for gifts you need or want to be done with in a hurry, charity knitting, or whenever you want a quick project to occupy yourself.

So by trial and error, I have figured out that it will take the second size loom for babies 6 months to 12 months old in this package.

The long looms are going to be very exciting to try out! You can do so many designs with them. My youngest daughter is a huge scarf lover, so stay tuned…

The Flower Spooler has two sizes attached. You can make one small and one large flower and layer them together for a darling look. You can even use felt material with this instrument, as shown below.

Here is my finished project! I just love the colors…how about you? I am finding out that product photography is getting to be a love of mine.

The Rolled Brim Hat is a good quick knitting project, but this rolled-brim hat is particularly easy because you’re just knitting straight, around and around in circles, until you get to the small amount of shaping at the top. Talk about mindless knitting! LOVE IT!!!

Is there a craft project that you are enjoying in your life right now? I would love to hear about it.

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