Brothers of the Sun Tour Photos Part 1…Tampa, Florida Photographer

It was to be a big concert Saturday Night at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, as country stars Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw kick off their joint tour. I was there to witness it firsthand!! The lots around Raymond James Stadium started filling up at 10 a.m. with makeshift pirate ships, “Time Flies When You’re Having Rum” flags, tropical beach bars, cornhole games, bikini tops, and at least one dude in a gorilla suit. Grown-up summer camp was officially underway here in No Shoes Nation! Everyone was enjoying the perfect Florida sun. It was a crazy and wild time. I love what Kenny said why they chose Tampa first…”We chose this stadium (to kick off the tour) because, first, it has an actual pirate ship,” added Chesney with a laugh. “And it’s a really great venue for performances.” How lucky are we that he picked our state FIRST?!
Jake Owens and Grace Potter was the opening acts and they started the show off to a great start! Tim McGraw followed with an hour and a half long set, dishing out hits like Down on the Farm, Real Good Man, Something Like That, Live Like You Were Dying…which brought me to tears and by far my very favorite!
In an interview this week, McGraw stated he wanted to give back: he’s helping give away a mortgage-free home to a wounded veteran on every stop of his tour. “For a soldier to come home and have a home mortgage free, a place where he can have his family, a place that’s safe and he can go out a look for a job and have a home is a great thing,” McGraw explains. This made my day when I read this! I was very proud that he was giving back to the community in some great way.

Jumbo Tram Images. Ladies…look at this smile!

Is your heart beating just a little faster? Stay tuned for Part 2…TOMORROW!

A BIG Giddy-Up THANK YOU to my girlfriend Kathy, who shared this fabulous time with me.

Did you enjoy the first half of the concert tour? I had a ball just getting to relive it all over again by creating this post.

Till then…keep your toes tapping and your fingers strumming!
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16 thoughts on “Brothers of the Sun Tour Photos Part 1…Tampa, Florida Photographer

  1. I bet that was the best concert ever.. I saw Tim and Kenny together about 15 years ago.. They were just getting started.. And they were fabulous..

    • Linda, it was the best!!! I didn’t even realize until later how great of friends they were, who knew?! They both performed full tilt!! How cool that you saw them 15 years ago…amazing!

  2. These photographs are fabulous. I can imagine the noise of the crowd and the sound of those voices as the soar over the stadium, with its pirate ship. I love what you have shared with us about Tim McGraw, that is really special. Have a great week.

    • Thank you very much. It was such a fabulous time and I am so glad I went. It did make it even more special knowing what Tim was doing in the community. Thank you so much for stopping by! Come back tomorrow and Kenny Chesney will be here:)

  3. Laurie,
    What a great job you did with the “posters” and wonderful pictures of Tim. Kathy said it was a great time! Can’t wait for the second half.

  4. Just one word!!! AWESOME!! What a gorgeous man that Tim McGraw is inside and out!! Love your work Laurie and the pictures of you and Kathy are outstanding!!!! (oops I guess this was more than one word)!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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