Tummy Time…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

Tummy Time to a 6 month old is quiet exciting! They can finally hold their head up for longer periods of time and start seeing the world without so much frustration!

Just look at their face as they are seeing things on their own for the first time.

Trying to get their attention back to you, the photographer, is sometimes not the easiest job.
Can you see the scotch tape as an decorative element?

I had a lot of fun using design photo frames and elements to enhance the photos. The detail banners are a fun way to illuminate the what, where, when and why’s!

Oh NO….Photo Shoot is over! He was told it was getting bed time! He didn’t want to go to bed. Poor thing!

Daddy thought an airplane ride would help the Little Man. Nolan loves airplane rides!

So are you like Nolan? Is there something you don’t want to do…but doing something else to take your mind off of it…makes it all better?

For me…I HATE getting out of bed in the mornings…but if my husband brings me a cup of coffee…all of a sudden…things are a little brighter☺

Have a great day!

PS…Thank you so much for taking the time to leave Love!

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32 thoughts on “Tummy Time…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

  1. I just love the term “tummy time”!! And I remember all too well when mine, now 15, 6 and 4… didn’t want to do it, but then enjoyed behind on their tummies!! My, how time flies!! And I couldn’t agree more on that coffee!!!!

  2. what a great photography sesion, my favourite is the when : not bed? – great capture
    thank you so much for linking today 🙂

  3. Nolan is growing so fast and right before our eyes at our computer!!!!! He is so adorable. Love the pictures. Please keep them coming!!!!

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