Another Year Younger…Say It Isn’t So!!

This is a good friend of ours, and his co-workers designed this for his 60th Birthday! Now I am telling you, this is some GREAT co-workers!! I would love to give a BIG shout out to them!! Bravo!! Bravo!! TO manifest something like this…takes some time!! We all know that you have to be pretty special to have friends putting this much effort into your birthday!

I want you to look closely at magazine cover…do you see all the details? Look what they put inside his pockets? Lord…Viagra…M & M’s…which are forbidden at his house by the way:) The next thing I saw was…the Vacation Guide…let me give you some background on this. They have a very special Yorkie who is like a daughter to them in the real sense! So when they ask…dog and wife…who gets first class? They mean it, no kidding around. How about the Preparation H on his sleeve? They didn’t leave out much detail did they? I think one of the bravest designs they inserted was the Just For Men product in his hand. Lord…these men are gutsy! I don’t know if I could of added this product or not. Lastly, you couldn’t help but to notice ALL the blue M & Ms on the bottom of the cover…we all KNOW what blue does to us right?:)

This reminded me of a Roast that they do to honor Hollywood stars:)
YOU “J” are  a star to us!

Happy Birthday…WE LOVE YOU!!


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