Life Does Not Have to Be Perfect…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

We started out with the pacifier. After we got the hang of the basket…we graduated!

Life does not have to be perfect…to be wonderful. ~ Kim Klassen

I give you this beautiful quote, because to look at this collage…you would think everything is perfect right? Wrong! Everything about HIM is perfect! BUT we live across the country from this Little Man and our heart aches! We miss him terribly!! It is one of the reasons I blog about him so much. It makes me feel closer to him, like I am part of his daily life, when in reality…that is not the truth. So I HOPE you will forgive me when it probably seems to you…why is she posting about the grandbaby again? It is the classic case of…don’t judge the book by its cover:) Everything is NOT always what it seems. I will tell you that I still feel very blessed and life is wonderful even though Nolan lives so very far away!

I hope you enjoyed the many faces of Mr. Nolan!  He was such a delight during our photo shoot. I LOVE capturing his personality. It makes my job SO EASY!!!

Does your family have any upcoming memories they would like to capture in the near future? I would feel very honored to be able to shoot those moments for you! Perhaps something displayed like the images above be great to have in your home? Please leave me an email and I will reply within 24 hours. Thank you!

Live, Love, Travel
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15 thoughts on “Life Does Not Have to Be Perfect…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

  1. Someday, you’ll have to post the bloopers. If you kept any, that is! 🙂
    He’s an adorable boy… Thank you for sharing at Your Sunday Best this week.

  2. Nolan is SO photogenic and SO cooperative with his blogging Grammie! And every emotion you feel as a long-distance grandma, I have and still do feel. It IS a help to capture as many of these wonderful expressions! Keep ’em coming…..I feel like I’m watching Nolan grow and develop his own little personality, too, right before my eyes!

  3. He’s so photogenic and you are such a great photographer. I love the subject of grandbabies, now that we have our first, as well. Keep the inspirational pictures coming.

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