Treasure the Tea…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

We decided to have a girlfriend day! Don’t you just love it…when friends make time for each other!! One of the girls was telling us about this quaint Tea Room and I said…I am SO going! Before you knew it…a date was set for all of us to go. We had a great time with a lot of laughs.

The place is called “Miss Bobbie’s Wisteria Tea Room.” How adorable is that? The owner of course is Bobbie Schwartz along with her husband Phil.Bobbie is just a DOLL…you will LOVE her! She reminds you of a great Bed & Breakfast owner that you return to again and again. She makes you feel right at home! They are located on Second Street in downtown Fort Myers, Florida.

In keeping with the Tea Room theme…I introduce to you…the Timeless Treasures! In other words…my girlfriends.They all live in the same big retirement community except for me. One of the many things I admire about them is the way they have just taken me under their wing even though I am not part of their neighborhood. Annie will refer to me every now and then as the “Baby” which I find so comical! I have never been the baby before! I am the oldest child in my family.

Here are a few of them mingling in the lobby before we are seated at our table.

This was my tea place setting. Looks fabulous doesn’t it? Marie instantly says to me…”Oh, that is a Royal Albert!” You could of pushed me over with a feather!I said, “How do you know that?” Who knew that Marie had knowledge about Bone China! She then proceeds to say…”Well I always know the things that I shouldn’t know.” It sure made me laugh. I told her…this is going on the blog…she then smiled!

They all have beautiful smiles which just makes me love them that much more. You can NEVER have to much love right?

Their most popular cold tea is “Berry Blast,” a delicious blend of natural fruits and spices that is entirely caffeine free. The flavor is from black currants,raspberries, elderberries, bilberries,hibiscus flowers and rosehip peels. Highly addictive!! Can you say YUMMO?

To end the afternoon, I ordered a Toffee Pecan Scone with Devonshire Cream. Oh Lord…I was moaning! I told Bobbie that her clotted cream was even better than the Ritz’s High Tea Cream. I think I made her day:)

If you are ever in the area, be sure to stop by and give this cute establishment a try! Remember…pinkies up!

You can find their website at Wisteria Tea Room.

Have a great Memorial Day!

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8 thoughts on “Treasure the Tea…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

  1. Laurie, what great pictures. Everyone looks like they had such a great time!! Makes me miss the girls all the more seeing the pictures! Glad you all had such a great time.

  2. Laurie,
    What a fantastic memory you have remembering all the info. Great pictures. That was a lot of fun. I would recommend that place to all.

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