I’m A Tango Ambassador…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

I’m a Tango Ambassador…Not in the professional sense but in the emotional sense:) A few years ago, I had no idea how to use Tango or even what it was for. I couldn’t even imagine why somebody would want to learn! To me it seemed something that would take more of my non-existant time!! How wrong I was!! IT is fantastic for keeping long-distance families in touch. Best part…IT IS FREE!!!

This image shows you how it would appear on your Ipod or Ipad.
You click on their Icon with the orange T square, select your contact and it rings right into their PC or laptop. This is how it appears on your PC/laptop. The Iphone image comes up on your screen with your guest on the main screen and yourself in the small image. Now just imagine that this little boy is Nolan…YES…you can HEAR me squeeling can’t you? That is my reaction everytime the Little Man rings!! I couldn’t live without this invention and still be a Grandma to Mr. Nola who lives so very far away:(

So tell me…have you heard of Tango? Who do you keep in touch with long distance? What method do you use to keep those close ties?

Have a lovely day, Laurie

2 thoughts on “I’m A Tango Ambassador…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

  1. I’m a Skype fan. I’m a long distance grandmother, and through Skype, I saw my grandson take his first steps, my granddaughter’s face when she lost her first tooth and played endless games of “show and tell”. It doesn’t take the place of being there but it’s the next best thing.

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