Nolan is driving?…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

We went to Cincinnati last week to attend Mr. Nolan’s Baby Dedication. Our first day there, we decided to go to the mall and buy him a little suit for this grand event. As we were walking inside the mall, we came across a Car Carousel for children. It was adorable…so I grab my camera and pick up the little man and put him in one of the cars. His eyes lit up and he grabbed the steering wheel immediately!!! We all starting laughing very hard and couldn’t believe how he had this instinct so early…he is only 6 months old!

Grandpa went behind the Little Man just in case he would fall backwards.

Nolan thought he was pretty big stuff.

Grandpa…look at this cool steering wheel. I think I like driving. This is how my daddy does it.

Mommy, Are you watching me? Yes…little man I am watching you.

This is SO much fun!! Your totally a boy…little man!

Can I have one of these Mommy?

I have to wait till I get older?

But I like driving now…

Where are you driving off to today?


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