1000 Cups of Coffee…??


Can you believe this? 1000 cups of coffee photographed around the world! I am a huge coffee lover and wanted to pass this on to you other coffee connoisseurs.

Well, at “Coffee Served Daily” Kim made a mosaic created out of the photos they took along the way, all 300 of them. Coffee|Served Daily began as a small idea and morphed into an opportunity to connect, caffeinate and create. She envisioned a  project that would enable her to stay connected to a few friends who love coffee and photography. She suspected there were five of them. Her friends played along, and then 99 other new caffeinated friends joined in. From all over the world: China, Finland, Italy, Monaco, Germany, England, Malta, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, France, Hong Kong, Turkey, Denmark, Portugal, Iceland, Israel, Australia, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, Africa, India, Thailand, Lebanon, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic!  And every corner of the U.S. And in her own town of Davis, California, and all neighboring Sacramento. Almost every day coffee photos would show up in her email.

Kim goes along to say, those of us who love coffee see the nuances and beauty in every cup, in so many different ways.

I can’t imagine taking on a project that lasts one year! What patience and fortitude!

Visit coffeeserveddaily to hear the rest of her story. Just incredible. Thank you Kim for sharing your journey with us!

Penny for your thoughts…

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6 thoughts on “1000 Cups of Coffee…??

  1. How does someone come up with these ideas? Great mosaic. As far as coffee, I love coffee ice cream, coffee candy, coffee liquer, I even love the color coffee!

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