The Many Faces of Nolan…Ft. Myers, FL. Baby Photographer

As a photographer…capturing the eye’s when they glisten is HEAVEN to me!

Here is the shot I was trying to capture! Look at those transparent eyes!

Even though this shot is too grainy for my liking I can still see the pools of reflection in his eyes…be still my heart!!

Nolan isn’t worrying about his photo shot at this moment. He needed to take out his pacifier (this is serious) and examine what was going on over there:) I had alot of fun with Photoshop in this series of photo shots. I used a soft blend of black and white color with a masked shape as the frames.

Nolan says, “I just love my stroller rides!”

Happy Monday to you!

Did you like the new frames and color toning I used for this series?
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12 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Nolan…Ft. Myers, FL. Baby Photographer

  1. The framing and soft color tones are just icing on the cake! It’s incredible how you captured the depth of those beautiful eyes!

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