Variety is the Spice of Life…

I am seeing alot of eye candy that has inspired me one way or another. I just didn’t want to keep it to myself so I thought I would post it today for all to enjoy!!! A little variety doesn’t hurt anyone right?

My motto in life…

I told my husband he can serve this to me on my next birthday!

How cute is this? A camera wallet for all your photo enthusiast’s.

Wouldn’t this be beautiful setting in your home collecting coins or corks?

I just squealed when I saw this!! I bought one for my girls when they were growing up to go to grandmas house!

Aaaaahh….Mad Men!!!! Just in love with Joanie….watching season 4.

I heard on the radio station today…you can use these for mascara wands to reach the little eye lashes! The make up artists are now using these. Great idea!!!!

You all know how I am so crazy about babies!! Too cute!

A camera pencil sharpener…very authentic looking.

I love someone with a little adventure side to them…how about you?

I would love to hear what eye candy inspired you on today’s post.

Have a great weekend!
Blessings, Laurie

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