Surfin’ Safari…Ft Myers, Florida Baby Photographer

We brought out Nolan in his new bathing suit, complete with surfin’ SPF 50 shirt and adorable baby sandals! Daddy decided it was time to learn how to surf! So the lesson starts…keep your eye on his little feet angling and moving with Daddy. What a hoot this is! I apologize in advance for the graininess of the photos. Grammie was laughing so hard she was shaking the camera!

Oh…this isn’t so bad!

I am getting the swing of this!

I am balancing my arms and body…trying to hold my balance.

Hey, I think I got it!! This is a lot of fun Daddy!

Hey Mom…look at me!

OH NO…Nolan hit a wave!
The fun is done!

Let’s go surfin’ now
Everybody’s learning how
Come on and Safari with me
(come on and safari with)

Early in the morning we will be starting out
Some honey’s will be coming along
We’re loading up our woody
With our boards inside
And heading out singing our song…

Is your head bobbing☺

I just love this song! Don’t You?

Have a great day!
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