I Need A Playmate…Ft.Myers, FL Photographer

Very early one morning…I have a weary mother come into my bedroom carrying this bundle of joy! She says, “He needs a playmate!” The sun hasn’t even rose yet, but Nolan is ready to play. Can you play with me Grammie? Of course, baby boy!

Here is an outake of the morning…a grandmother having a little fun! If the pacifier is put just alittle out of reach,the bird action goes into play! How adorable is this?

3 thoughts on “I Need A Playmate…Ft.Myers, FL Photographer

  1. Laurie, I love your blog! Your talent really shines! What a beautiful family.
    I have sent you a couple of emails in the past 2 days. Please drop me a line when you have time just so I know you’ve received them.

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