Guests are Coming…A Little Sprucing in Order!

Well the day has finally come! The little man is coming down to see his Grammie today!! Yippee!! After the jubilation dance…I looked around the house and thought…Oh Lord help me!! You know we all do it…all the little projects that we have put off, thinking we have tomorrow! Well I decided there was no way I could do all that needed done…so what does a hostess do, turn off the lights and romance them…they won’t notice the dirt that way:) So with that in mine…I bought 3 new Candelabra’s for the patio and installed my OXO Candela Lights in them…that I LOVE so! You just keep them on a charger till the moment you need them and MAGIC!! I have had them for a couple of years but I never could find something really awesome to put them in to show off their brilliance!I filled them with river rocks to give them some texture.I put an Oxo Candela Light in each Candelabra…Magnificent! They finally have a home!

Of course a just a few weeks before our two bushes right in front of our door…DIED! Isn’t that always the way?  So we planted two “SWIRLY BIRDS” in front of the pillars to replace them. I know they aren’t Swirly Birds…bear with me…I am under the gun:) Here is the real topper…last night our garage door broke too! So my darling husband tore the whole thing apart and went out and bought the parts. He came home and was trying to install the new parts…when out came his lovely wife the photographer:) Lets just say…it wasn’t a Kodak moment…sigh!

With all that said, no matter what the house looks like…WE HAVE A GRANDSON COMING DOWN TO SEE US!!!!! You can bet, no dirt or perils will stop us from loving every moment with him.

Stay tuned…

God Bless, Laurie

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