Pinterest Oh The Love…

If you have never checked out Pinterest…NOW is the time! Just so much fun…like tearing out all the cute magazine pictures you love and filing them away…but so much more exciting!! You have all of your loves and interests for a rainy day. Let me give you a small example: Lets say you PIN a cute scarf into your Fashion category. You get invited to a girls luncheon and want to remember how to tie that gorgeous scarf, pull up Pinterest and right there it is at your fingertips!! Here are just a couple of photos I just pinned to my boards this week.

How cute would this be at your next party?

Girl…this would make a few heads turn!

My stomach just rolled over looking at this…Baked Potato Chips with Avocado Greek Yogurt Dip.

What a great poster on friendships!

Wouldn’t this be a great outfit for the weekend?

Ooh La La…I want!!!!

This major art piece behind the couch…Oh somebody help me!

Can you imagine? Mashed potatoes in a Martini Glass! My kinda of style…

So did you see anything you liked?

To see my boards on Pinterest, click on the button below and follow along. You will love it, there is so much beauty out there.

Have a great weekend! Happy Pinning!

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