The Great Brandino’s Birthday…Ft. Myers Photographer

You are probably wondering “The Great Brandino?” Yes, this is what my son-in-law calls himself!! What a riot huh? We all just laugh everytime he says it, which by the way is alot:) I love the reaction by my daughter (which is his wife by the way) she just shakes her head and has a cute smile on her face. In her world…he is The Great Brandino! Isn’t young love great?

He is has some great stories from college (Purdue) that just crack us up. He is very quick witted which has endeared himself to our family in a big way. His competition spirit knows NO END, the man doesn’t like to lose in anything. We just laugh and laugh. When his brother in law and him play ping pong, you wonder if the roof is going to cave in with all the ruckus going on!

Below you will see my husband with Brandon, where they stayed in the man cave over Christmas week and didn’t come out watching sports twenty-four-seven!!

He also has another nickname…THE COOKIE MONSTER! You have never seen anything like it!!!!! Stephanie can’t even get all the cookies off the baking sheet before they are gone! You have to love a man, who appreciates your baking huh?!

Happy Birthday to The Great Brandino! May you have a very blessed year! We love you dearly! God bless you!

PS…Your greatest achievement to date…Mr. Nolan! He will be just like you!!

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