I Do…Fort Myers Photographer

My two princesses…Ashley my youngest, on her special day. Stephanie my eldest, matron of honor.

The handsome groom…Luke…our son-in-law.

The happy couple…Aren’t they just precious?

I took these images almost four years ago! I was still very wet behind the ears in the subject of photography. But as the saying goes…love covers a multitude of sins!  Being the mother of the bride…you can just imagine! I was a bundle of nerves…so the camera was shaking like a leaf!!  The memory is just TOO awesome not to share it with you. I added a texture from Kim Klausen’s collection and some beautiful quotes that fit the moment.

These pictures were shot in St. Augustine, Florida at the Serenata Beach Club Resort.

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6 thoughts on “I Do…Fort Myers Photographer

  1. laurie, you know what makes these photos incredibly awesome? the fact that the mother of the bride took them. i can’t think of anything that tops that in ensuring that these photos are treasured for all time. 🙂

  2. Laurie your daughters are absolutely beautiful! What great pictures these are and great memories!!! Absolutely stunning!!!

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