Bowman’s Beach Bliss…Ft. Myers Photographer

Sunny Florida does pose some problems for photographers in the middle of the day! The sun is SO harsh and strong that it is not an optimal time to shoot.

Going against contemporary wisdom, I couldn’t help but capture the tourists enjoying the beauty of Bowman’s Beach.

I went for a timeless vintage soft look, to tone down the harshness of the sun.

Thank you for your generousity of letting me photograph you!

A beautiful couple from Maryland. They LOVE Sanibel Island and hope to retired down here in ten years!
Isn’t it great when the son still allows a picture to be taken with his mother? Awesome!

Oh, the JOY of youth. These two girls were just all smiles and fun!

What I loved about this couple…I asked them to get cozy…they made it look so natural!

I hope you enjoyed your stay here on Sanibel Island.

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Have a great day!
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2 thoughts on “Bowman’s Beach Bliss…Ft. Myers Photographer

  1. So – you just walked up to total strangers and asked them to pose for you……???? AWESOME! Now I know what you did this weekend. As always, great pix .. and very cool how you worked with the shadows and the time of day!

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