Welcome to Yappy Hour and Stroll…Ft.Myers Photographer

On the second Friday of each month canines and their owners enjoy the “bowl stroll” throughout Bell Tower where blue dog bowls identify the numerous merchants who are pooch-friendly. Dogs must be leashed. The social event is free with beverage proceeds benefiting the Gulf Coast Humane Society. Here are a couple of pictures I took while we “Strolled” along…

Some of the cute Fur Babies couldn’t wait to get their picture taken.

Look at this little sweetheart! She is a Tea Cup Yorkie and 5 years old! Just adorable!

Of course, we couldn’t let the evening end…without a Grace & Shelly Cupcake! Oh help me…

I ordered the Butterfinger Cupcake! Yummo!!

“Yappy Hour has become a tremendous success!”
My husband and I have really come to enjoy it alot.

Visit www.GulfCoastHumaneSociety.org.

Does your hometown do a Yappy Hour or anything similiar?

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