Engineer in the Making…

My grandson at 3 months stylin’ in his Bumbo. He loves being where the action is. The Bumbo is easy to take anywhere.
Nolan thinks he’s a big boy in his own chair and I think it’s hilarious! To see such a little baby to sit up right in his own chair. Wonderful invention!!! Where was this years ago…when we were having children? sigh…
Are you ready? Here is where the engineering part comes in…his father is an engineer… do you see any resemblance with his facial features?
Three Months Old and concentrating so very serious! Now if this didn’t bring a smile to your face…your having a bad day. Grammies in Love!
A Bumbo Seat Promotion:
  • Enables baby to sit upright and promotes more close-contact family interaction
  • Contoured seat designed to fit baby’s posture and can be placed anywhere on an even ground level surface
  • Soft, comfortable, non-toxic, portable, lightweight and versatile, requires no straps or fasteners
  • Warning?prevent falls: never use on any elevated surface
  • Do not use until your baby is fully able to support its head
    The Bumbo is designed for babies at that “in between” stage—not quite sitting up but strong enough to support their necks and be interested in everything around them. The seat—which is made from a single piece of material—has a round base, a slightly raised back, two leg openings, and “handles” cut into each side for easy carrying. This unique design allows infants (up to 22 pounds) without trunk control to sit upright on their own.

The Bumbo’s durable foam material offers a plethora of benefits. The low-density substance is designed according to how babies develop and is specifically molded to provide a safe and comfortable seat for their young posture. The non-toxic foam only requires a quick wipe down with a damp cloth when cleaning is needed. And due to the material’s light weight, portability is a snap—the Bumbo can go anywhere baby goes.

The Bumbo Sitter can be placed on any level surface to be used as a booster seat, feeding chair, and more. There are no straps or fasteners: it is designed to have baby’s bottom slightly lower than the leg openings so that baby’s weight is what actually holds them securely in the seat. The ability for parents and grandparents to have their hands free for quick household tasks or to play with baby face to face makes this seat worth every penny!!

HERE IS THE EXCITING PART…Bumbo’s founder, Johan Buitendach,has dedicated himself to helping those in need. Bumbo donated nearly 100% of its profits to charity to help the poor, hungry,homeless, disabled and others. HOW COOL IS THAT?

6 thoughts on “Engineer in the Making…

  1. Hi laurie,
    He is just adorable!! What a great idea. When my kids were his age they sat in a boppy.
    Looking forward to Fri.
    Love, Annie

  2. I LOVE this idea! You’re right – where was this back in the 70’s…..LOL! Nolan is the perfect little model for this brilliant invention!

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