Put the Pedal to the Medal…

Lesson 8 in Jessica’s Sprague Art of Poster Design Class

In Todays lesson Jessica had us step it up in our design skills by using a more complex background. In making the banner we had to design it with a Polygonal Lasso Tool in Photoshop. We even used it to create the shadow effects. Amazing the creating you can do in this software.

As I was designing this poster, I couldn’t help not recall a VERY funny story that happen about 10 years ago. It had me giggling all the way thru this poster creating. My husband and myself along with another couple flew to Green Bay, Wisconsin for the long July 4th weekend. It was a magical weekend in all aspects, the beautiful firework display, a fabulous food festival, and the beautiful Four Season Hotel that we stayed in was just DIVINE! The one event that stands out to me was the afternoon we rented tandem bicycles. We picked a great trail under the beautiful canopy trees that wound around for miles. I was doing fine for awhile…but hey a girl can only work so hard huh?! So I decided to put my feet up on the bar and let my husband do all the pedaling work:) Everything was going great until our friends finally caught up to us and yelled, “Hey Matt, your wife has her legs up on the handle bars!” I yelled back, “Tattle tales!” My husband responds, “I was wondering why it was so hard pedaling this bike!” Well it was fun while it lasted!

So what is your bicycling story? EVERYBODY has one! I would love to hear them!

Have a great weekend…See you on Monday!

4 thoughts on “Put the Pedal to the Medal…

  1. hi laurie, thanks so much for leaving love and for following my blog 🙂 i just had to pass by and let you know that i think you did a fab job with the poster design class assignments! hope to see you around soon – at my blog and at the spraground! 🙂 have a wonderful day! xox

    • Thank you for your lovely comments!! I do hope to stop by alot and visit. I am glad you commented it made me realized that I only had a couple of my assignments with Jessicas tag. Still learning…

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