Take More Pictures…Ft. Myers Photographer

Here is Lesson 7 in Jessica’s Sprague Art Poster Class. She has assigned us THREE posters to do this week! WHEW!! This class has been such a blessing, because most of the assignments go right along with my direction of this Blog. How wonderful is that? Taking more pictures in my life has definately been a HUGE priority now with this website. I believe it is one of the biggest attractions of any great blog to have interesting images to view or you would lose your readers to boredom. I don’t ever follow a blog unless the images are captivating to grab my attention. I don’t think having a blog is the only reason to take more pictures. Everyone should make this a priority. Life is full of beautiful memories and when we get older, we will want to look back at them with fondness. My husband every now and then pulls out a scrapbook I made and climbs into the bed and starts down memory lane. Listening to him recall this memory or that is such music to my ears. He will say, “Remember when the girls did this? or “When we went there and how fun it was?”

So have I convinced you to take MORE pictures which in turn will help you celebrate the memories in your life?

The style of these Art Posters is a distinctive retro vibe. Do you like this style?  It was a blast to do.

5 thoughts on “Take More Pictures…Ft. Myers Photographer

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