The Gift of a Mothers Love…

Happy Birthday Stephanie!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you express how MUCH you love someone? Can words or actions REALLY  let them understand how deep your love is? For me, one of the ways I show my love  is to create something for them . For years, I designed scrapbooks for all their childhood events. To this date, I probably have 40 albums or so. One day, I hope they treasure these memories as much as I did creating them. Today, I wanted to do something a little different for her special day. I created a bookmark that was designed solely by me. Someday when I am not here, hopefully she will still have this in one of her favorite books and remember how much I LOVED her!

I get asked ALOT how do you have time to do ALL this designing, photography and blogging and still work a full-time job outside the home? In most cases, I really don’t give a true full answer but today I will. You see, everyone has to make choices and sometimes they are hard ones to make. When it comes to family…it is pretty easy for me! The dishes, sweeping, dusting, grocery shopping, bill paying etc. all goes on hold for a rainy day. Now don’t get me wrong…this maturity hasn’t always been here:) sigh… But as I get older you realize where the real priorites are! So on Saturday, I told my husband I needed a half day alone to create for our eldest to honor her on the blog. I loved every minute of it…and the house…well it can just collect dust for another week!!

I love you baby girl!!! Happy 33!!! May GOD BLESS YOU richly!!!!! Thank you for all the wonderful 33 years you have given to us! Oh and one more thing…the beautiful son you just recently brought into the world….is marvelous…JUST LIKE YOU!!!

Love, Mom

Please feel free to share this post with someone who has a special daughter too.

Scrapbook elements by Design House Digital, Agnes Biro

6 thoughts on “The Gift of a Mothers Love…

  1. Laurie, This is SO beautiful……the artistry, the creativity, the words, the meaning. I’ll never ask you again how you have time to do all of this……it comes straight from your heart! Love you, girlfriend, and happy birthday to Stephanie, too!

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