Anybody Up for a Game of Rugby?

We had to create a poster today in Jessica Spragues Class that catches the eyes of 12-18 year old boys! As such, the rougher, louder, more in your face it is, the better. We needed to make Rugby appear to be the ultimate in “cool” sports to play – a place to find a great team environment, lots of dirt and sweat, hard work, and winning.

Jessica provided all the elements and design for us, we had to apply all her Tricks in the Bag so to speak:) I really enjoyed this because I raised girls  and this has such a masculine look to it. I love the grunge look, how about you?

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Anybody Up for a Game of Rugby?

  1. Having had two daughters and three granddaughters before a boy was born into the family, it’s taking me some time to wrap my mind around the “grunge look” but your visual has sure made it easier!

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