Make New Friends…

But keep the old…One is silver and the other… gold!

Calendar via: Design Digital House – Kara Dudley
Nolan Meeting New Friends.

I leave you with this thought…what would your life be without friends? For me it would be very empty! No matter what stage you are in with a friend…new or old…treasure it for always. The good Lord put us on this earth to have relationships. Have I told you lately I am glad you are here with me? Have a great weekend. See you on Sunday.

11 thoughts on “Make New Friends…

  1. Laurie this is so adorable!!! Nolan is so funny. It’s like he’s posing in every picture!! What a beautiful baby boy! Keep these pictures coming. I love them. Jan

  2. Laurie,
    I’m so glad I have you as a friend. FRIENDS are sooooooooo important.
    I love what you did with Nolan and the stuffed animals. Very unique!
    Love, Annie
    Happy weekend.

  3. I treasure my friendships more and more and as I get older, I realize how valuable each and every one is! Now, for the pics of Mr. Nolan, you caught some fantastic poses and expressions. What a good little boy – he must know what a wonderful photographer Grammie is!

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