You Say It’s Your Birthday…

My darling husband SPOILED me rotten this year!! Good grief… One of my favorite wines.

I was FLABBERGASTED when I opened this gift! A Love Moschino Handbag! I didn’t know he had it in him:) sigh……

Founder Franco Moschino’s motto was, fashion should be fun and send a message! After his death in 1994, his protege Rossella Jardini took the helm, and she continues to create ultra feminine collection with a uniquely whimsical feel.

After looking at the handbook more closely…I was wondering if my husband was sending me a message…SMILE!

Now to figure out where is a girl to go with this beautiful piece of art…Any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “You Say It’s Your Birthday…

  1. Hi laurie,
    It sure sounds like you had a wonderful birthday. The handbag is lovely. Matt sure knows what you like.
    Nolan’s pictures are great!
    Have a good week.

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