My Birthday Present…

Well TODAY is my birthday!! I have been made a grandma a few months ago, and I am starting to feel my age:(  I guess now I can’t pretend to be 29 and holding anymore! If I keep this up, my “Little Man” will be the same age as me real soon:)

You might be thinking…how is he your birthday present? Well last year, when I turned the BIG one, (I will let you guess WHAT big one) my daughters surprised me by flying down to visit. The day of my birthday, my oldest daughter took a pregancy test and found out she was expecting!! It was the GREATEST birthday gift she could of ever given me! Needless to say, we were all jumping up and down screaming!!!!  I knew in my heart, the LORD had given me this as a special birthday gift just from him!!  What is the chance that on MY birthday, she finds out she is pregnant?

It did get a little comical! She tells her little sister on the plane ride down to see me,that she wasn’t feeling very well. Her sister goes to say, “Could you be pregnant?” She says,”I don’t know?” Little sister responds,”We are buying you a pregnancy kit as soon as we land!” Fast forward to all of us together at my house. She leaves to go in the bathroom, little sister tells me in a whisper, “She is taking a pregnancy test!” I reply, “Oh My Gosh!!!!!!” “She could be pregnant?” Little sis, “Yep!” She comes out of the bathroom and goes straight into the bedroom and closes the door. Little sis says, “COME ON!” I follow her, and we are leaning on the bedroom door listening to her talk to her husband in hush tones. I say, “Can you hear what she is saying?” “No, I can’t make out anything!” We hear nothing for a moment, the door opens and we fall into the room. We both are grinning like mischievous kids, and she says,”What are you guys doing?” “Aaaaahh….we were listening into your conversation. She just shakes her head at us. I say, “So are you PREGNANT OR WHAT?” She smiles real big and says…YES!

The celebration lasted all thru the night let me tell you!!! Nobody could quit talking about it! It was the big topic at my surprise birthday party…not that I objected:)

So can you see why Mr.Nolan Michael is Grammies Birthday Gift?
He always will be for the rest of my birthdays!!!!

Everyone deserves a BIG birthday blessing like this…one time in their life!

Have you had a SPECIAL birthday you would like to share?
I would love to hear it?

7 thoughts on “My Birthday Present…

  1. Happy Birthday Laurie!!! What a wonderful story and what a very special Birthday present!!!
    Enjoy your day and hope to see you soon!

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