Meet the Grand “FurBabies”…

It has been brought to my attention, that I have not debuted by other Grandbabies! You know if you show off one Grandbaby, you better give equal time right? So let me introduce to you Madison Quinn and Mason Oliver.

Now she looks like a little Princess right? Well, lets just say, that is not the name we go by for Miss Madison. The Little Diva is more like it!!! She rules the house and her favorite target is her big brother, Mason. She is the older of the two, and she shows who is boss. She wasn’t very happy to see the addition to the family. She uses every opportunity to remind him, she was here first! But truly, she is a little lover, when she is not playing the part of “The Alpha Dog.”

Here is the Little Brother, funny huh?! His name is Mason Oliver, how cute is that? He is only a couple of years old and still a goof ball! When he runs threw the house, you would swear a herd of elephants are coming thru! It isn’t uncommon to hear somebody yell, “What was that?” Oh that, it’s JUST MASON running around. When they purchased him a few years back, I thought they were crazy, we have never had big dogs in our family! But he is gentle, kind and we just adore him! Isn’t it great, when you stretch yourself to something new and it blesses you?

Couldn’t you just look at these soulful eyes forever?

Grammie loves BOTH of you very much!!

Be good for Mommy & Daddy! I will see you soon.

6 thoughts on “Meet the Grand “FurBabies”…

  1. You know I LOVE THEM!!!! my fur kids! And I had to laugh out loud for Mason’s first pic…. those legs look sooooo long. I know he is a tall guy, but gee whiz!!!!

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