Grammie Visits the Little Man…

“What did you say Grammie?”  Grammie says, “She loves You!”

I am so glad you are here Grammie! I have so much tell you…I can’t wait to hear Little Man.

Grammie… I have a new toy! Nolan it is adorable!

I am very tired Grammie…it is my naptime.

I am ready to play again Grammie!

Mommy, Grammie and me went shopping. I love going Bye Bye!

6 thoughts on “Grammie Visits the Little Man…

  1. Laurie,
    Nolan is getting so big. What gorgeous eyes!!!
    I guess you are in seventh heaven!!!
    See you Fri.
    How about that Courtney???
    I had a feeling he was going to send Casey home.
    I think he may pick Niki. I like her.

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