Welcome to Alphabet Class…

Jessica Spragues class this week, we are learning out to do what is called “Alphabet Poster” which is all the rage in decorating right now.  To make this it takes making 26 layers in photoshop and thats just for the letters! Everything “looks” so easy right?! I thoroughly learned alot in this lesson too. I made the “L” for Laurie of course and used the aqua blues and red for my color scheme. You could do this with so many color and alphabet combinations, the choices could be endless! One of the many ways you are seeing this used is framing them and putting it on an easel in your foyer, or hanging it in the office or even a childs room.

Visual inspiration (eye candy) is the lifeblood, the air for every designer, no matter what their field. Collecting visual inspiration online does three important things:

  1. Approaching every web page you visit as a possible source of inspiration trains your eye to see beautiful design everywhere.
  2. Amassing a collection of eye candy gives you a resource when you begin new projects, AND when your creative well is feeling a bit dry.
  3. Stepping back from a collection of several dozen of your favorite visual examples helps you identify and define your own creative style.

So if you don’t have one already, I recommend that you create an account on Pinterest!

Please feel free to follow my pins as well – just go to: http://pinterest.com/graphicgirl/ and click the Follow link under my photo. 🙂 Lots and Lots of eye candy to be had here!:~)

Have a great Sunday!

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