Meet “Sir Dalton Lee”…

Its time for Dalton to make his debut on his Mommies blog:) He is a pure bred Yorkshire Terrier. Born in 2005, making him almost 7 years old. He makes time fly literally. The boy is just FULL OF LIFE! We should of known, when the ad in the paper said, “Playful and Loving.” In the future you will hear many of his tales. Some are quiet comical and the not so comical! He isn’t the biggest fan of his moms photography. He allows one GOOD picture per session and that is it! Here he is in all of his black and white glory.

“Oh Mom, Not another photo!”

I refuse for you to take another photo! I’m not looking!! Okay, “Will you look for a cookie?”

“A Cookie?” “Yea, I thought that might work!”

So do you have a spoiled furry baby at home or know of one that does? I would love to hear all about them.

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