Coconut Point Art Festival

Saturday, we traveled south to Bonita Springs to see the art fest. We saw alot of beautiful artwork, and eye candy!! There was some delightful items that I wanted to purchase but, unfortunately some of the vendors wouldn’t take credit cards. My husband and I have made it a rule to do all business big or small thru the credit card protection, so for us a sad day. But I leave with you some delightful images of our escapade. Enjoy! Let me know if you enjoyed the digital version of the art fest.

Meet “Rufus” one of the art vendors dog. Everybody loved him!

We would of LOVED to own this painting!

2 thoughts on “Coconut Point Art Festival

  1. Laurie,
    You and Matt sure get around.
    The digital art was not my bag.
    Your blog is great, lots of info and colorful. Your Dream has become a reality for you.
    Love, Annie

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