Take More Photos but Keep Less?

This is the information that Sam Levy, founder of citifari, of NewYork Photo Tours is sharing with photographers. I would love to pass it on to you, it is very great advise.

Taking more pictures means you will multiply the opportunities to get that perfect shot.

Keeping less photos on your computer is critical because you will become more selective, in developing your critical eye and only keep the pictures you really like.

As you learn to take more pictures and keep less, you will begin developing YOUR sense of style. In the end you will have trained your eye to be more critical to what please YOU!

Visit Citifari to see more images of his New York Photo Tours!

My personal favorite is the Central Park Photo Tour! This is definately going on the Bucket List!

One thought on “Take More Photos but Keep Less?

  1. Great suggestion – makes a lot of sense! BTW, you MUST get to Central Park and take the hansom cab ride … but do it in the spring, summer or fall … LOL!

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